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Vitalab Dental Laboratory believes that quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and skillful execution, it represents the wise choice of many alternatives

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To save you time, by providing quality restorations that you are proud to cement … we are dedicated to consistently providing quality restorations, services and expertise to the dentist and patient for the purpose of improving the quality of life for all involved.


Henning was born and raised in South Africa in the North Eastern Low-field adjacent to the Kruger National park. Growing up in nature he developed an early talent and love for drawing and painting. Through his friendships he quickly learnt how to sculpt and create almost anything with the mud from the banks of the spring on his grandfather’s farm. What started out as a fun pass-time proved to be very advantageous when applying for courses in dental technology - one of the aptitude requirements was to form an Elephant with clay. While watching the other participants struggle he realized he had something special - an aptitude for sculpture. After completing his military training in the SA Infantry he went on to study Dental Technology at the Pretoria Technicon.

He was very fortunate to have worked with a very talented group of technicians at Glen Boyd Dental Lab in Durban and to travel abroad to study with world renowned masters in dental technology. Affectionately known as the Maestro, Willi Geller became his mentor and he visited Willi 3 times in Zurich for more advanced training. He also did courses on advanced ceramics with Dr. Ed McLaren, and Dr. Bob Winter. Later on he had the opportunity to work with Dr. Winter in Newport Beach CA. Many wonderful passionate instructors like Don Cornell, Oliver Brix, Mick Kedge, Ernst Hegenbach and others also had a great influence on his search for excellence.

Henning Visser has owned and operated Vitalab Dental Laboratory since August 1983 in SA. He created everything from simple smile design cases to complex, full mouth reconstructions. By producing the finest simulation of the natural dentition while maintaining total control of function and natural aesthetics he was able to build a reputation of excellence and continues on the same path today.

He relocated to the USA in 2000 and opened a boutique style laboratory in Irvine CA where he became a member of the AACD, AO and the DLOAC.


Henning J. Visser, College Diploma in Dental Technology. 32yr PFM, All-Ceramic, Master Dental Technician, Milling and Multi-unit Reconstruction, In-house Patient Custom Shade Services, Implant & Implant Case Planning, Full-Mouth PIB Reconstruction, External Examiner and Instructor at Technicon, instructor for Zirkonzahn Zircograph milling.

Henning is a Master Dental Ceramist. He completed the three and a half year College Diploma course in Dental Technology at the Pretoria Technicon in South Africa. He has a strong commitment to continuing education and has furthered his studies through advanced European and American education with world renowned master ceramists in the fields of ceramic aesthetics, gnatology and function.

  • Willi Geller / Zurich 3X (three times)
  • Mick Kedge / London (Dr. McLean)
  • Thilo Vock / Germany
  • Jergen Seger / Lichtenstein
  • Horst Dieter Krauss / Germany
  • Jan Schuneman / Germany
  • Oliver Brix / Germany
  • Dr. Robert Winter/ Don Cornell / USA
  • Dr. Harold Schavel / USA
  • Asami Tanaka / USA 3X (three times)
  • Kent Kohli / USA
  • VITA Ceramics Advanced Seminar - Ian Potter
  • Dr. Ed McLaren UCLA / USA
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