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Why Vitalab

Vitalab Dental Laboratory does not outsource to foreign laboratories.
Henning Visser, owner of Vitalab Dental Laboratory, is proud that 100% of the restorative work is produced in the United States of America and all restorative work is made at his laboratory in Irvine, California.

Superior Communication

E-mail communication between team members is a primary ingredient for superior quality restorations. An experienced technician will always be able to consult telephonically or, when possible, in person. When words are not enough we make use of photography; this is another great communication tool in our arsenal.

Consistent, High Quality Results

We know that producing reliable, high quality fixed dental restorations is never a coincidence. It is always the result of high intent, sincere determination and expert execution. It takes thorough and extensive knowledge to implement every stage sucessfully. Every product and service that comes from our laboratory is specifally designed to enhance your practice - this is our promise to you.

Experience & Education

An experienced qualified master ceramist performs and confirms the quality and design of each case. The laboratory is a non-production, boutique lab where one individual is personally responsible for each case.

Latest Technology

Our unique MAD/MAM System enables multi-disciplinary cases involving abutment gingival tissue replacement and crowns all in one with diverging abutment angulations in full reconstruction cases. (MAD/MAM = CAD/CAM on steroids)


Our particular field of expertise is implant borne full mouth reconstruction. Cases aimed at a loss of gingival tissue (small or large) is our particular field of expertise.

Our particular field of expertise is the implant borne full mouth reconstruction cases where there is in addition a loss of gingival tissue (small or large amount) is our particular field of expertise.

Range of Products

PFMs single unit & bridges (high and low-fusing porcelain); All ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays, on-lays & bridges, zirconium full mouth reconstructions (Procera, Lava, Zirkonzahn), Press ceramics- IPS e-max and Authentic, Gold- inlays, on-lays, crowns and bridges.

What we offer

1. The Dentist
2. The Patient

1. The Dentist

a) You are entitled to expect your lab to be up to date with Technology and filled with quality trained technicians. Vitalab stays on top of the latest technology through continuous education in the latest cad-cam technology and dental materials. Vitalab uses VITA porcelain from Germany. It is a high quality ceramic. The Vita Zahnfabrik is one of the oldest and most reliable companies in the world and a leader in new innovations. The latest technology - zirconium superstructures - are utilized on our own in-house Zircograph milling machine using MAD/MAM technology.

b) You are entitled to superior communication. Vitalab utilizes a variety of tools to aid communication: Photography, phone consultation, Prescription forms and E-mail communication between team members is a primary component for higher communication and therefore quality restorations. Photography is our best communication tool. If you have a digital camera, you may send your photo file(s) directly to us as an e-mail attachment. Larger files can be sent directly to our FTP server.

c) You are entitled to expect your work at a reasonable turnaround time; General Cases (1-10) units, takes 10 working days to complete. Larger cases are scheduled individually. Certain cases may require more time than originally scheduled, when this occurs you will be notified immediately.

2. The Patient

a) You are entitled to a confident smile, every time you smile. Therefore you can insist on natural looking crowns and the best restorations available.

b) You are entitled to perfect function and excellent aesthetics every time. You have the right to refuse any restoration that does not meet your expectations and consequently the right to insist for it to be redone.

c) You are entitled to know the cost of the laboratory fee portion of your bill.

d) You have the right to know if it is a commercial lab or a high end lab and what the difference in cost is. You may be suprised to kn ow that the difference is a small percentage of the total fee. This difference in cost will reflect in the quality of the natural looking custom made restoration compared to the commercially produced restoration. This investment in you should be yours to decide upon.

e) You are entitled to quality dentistry from a highly trained dentist who practices with clinical excellence. Choosing a dentist that uses a high end lab is a sure sign of a discerning professional.

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