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Diagnostic Wax-ups


Communication between the cosmetic dentist and the laboratory ceramist has always been the key to obtaining a superior result in both the aesthetic and functional aspects of restorative dentistry. An essential yet overlooked part of this communication is the role of the diagnostic wax-up. Valuable information can be obtained from a diagnostic wax-up.

  1. The patient gets a visual of the proposed treatment outcome which usually results in the patients consent to go ahead with treatment.
  2. Next it provides information to the dentist about the amount of reduction needed and the dentist can request a reduction guide.
  3. It is a valuable tool for fabricating a provisional guide in the making of the provisional or temporaries. In the mouth, the temporaries can be contoured and customized to the patients facial features. Occlusion and phonetics can also be evaluated, and when these, along with aesthetics, are deemed satisfactory, an impression can be made to communicate the proper size, shape, length, and form to the lab.
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