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The best of both worlds, superior strength and brilliant aesthetics

IPS e-max crowns and bridges

IPS e-max is an innovative all-ceramic system which covers the entire all–ceramic spectrum — from thin veneers to 10–unit bridges.
IPS e-max brings you the best in All-Ceram technologies, high strength and high esthetics!
The system consists of innovative lithium disilicate glass-ceramics for mainly single units and high strength zirconium-oxide for large span bridges. The different degrees of opacity and translucent levels allows for the flexibility of different solutions for different case scenarios. Every patient is different and presents its own requirements and objectives. Thanks to its versatility we are able to produce exactly what we want.


  • Staining technique (color wash and characterization)
  • Thin veneers and table tops, Occlusal veneers
  • Cut-back and veneering technique (of full pressed crowns)
  • Layering technique. Using IPS e-max Ceram
  • Pressing over electroplated frameworks


The flexural strength is 400 MPa and it has a Vickers hardness of 5800 MPa.
These two facts make it possible to press ultra-thin veneers. With the addition of the opalescent materials and impulse value colors, no prep veneers are possible.
Vitalab technicians have the expertise and extensive experience to reproduce the most natural looking restorations, with skill and passion.
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