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Every patient situation presents its own clinical requirements and objectives. Each situation is different and solutions need to be created by the dentist and technician team working together on a successful outcome. Implant companies all have their own team of engineers that design their unique approach to the implant world.

The skill and understanding of the complexities of the implant case rest heavily on the shoulders of the technologist. At Vitalab we know that to design a practicable abutment you need experience and knowledge.

Vitalab technologists’ are experienced in all implant abutment designs and have thorough knowledge of all the different companies’ components. Our particular field of expertise is the implant borne full mouth reconstruction cases where there is in addition a loss of gingival tissue. Vitalab uses zirconium substructures for its accuracy and aesthetic possibilities. Zirconium is a very flexible material and has superior strength. The advantages of zirconium are remarkable and make innumerable new design strategies possible.

Custom design abutments

Zirconium custom design abutments are very tough with a high flexural strength of over 1200 MPa. In addition to strength it has great aesthetics. Another advantage is that the zirconium abutments can be modified by supplementary firings of porcelain; for example to add pink to the abutment, to compensate for tissue discrepancies or added aesthetics. The use of all Implant types is common at Vitalab.


Custom abutments in Zirconium, Titanium and Cast Gold Alloy. Case planning, fabrication and cost estimates. Custom healing abutments.

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