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A jacket crown is a full porcelain ceramic covered crown that protects the entire surface of a tooth to maintain functional and structural integrity of the tooth.

A jacket crown is a pure ceramic crown with no internal structure. The crown is somewhat weaker than ceramic crowns that contain a coping to support the porcelain firings. It is usually built up onto refractory die material with feldspatic ceramic much like a feldspatic veneer.

A jacket crown is the most aesthetic possible crown as it is built up from the internal core to the external enamel by a highly skilled master ceramist who understands all the complexities of layering ceramic to achieve a natural looking restoration.

Vitalab technologists’ are experienced in all implant abutment designs and have thorough knowledge of all the different companies’ components. Our particular field of expertise is the implant borne full mouth reconstruction cases where there is in addition a loss of gingival tissue. Vitalab uses zirconium substructures for its accuracy and aesthetic possibilities. Zirconium is a very flexible material and has superior strength. The advantages of zirconium are remarkable and make innumerable new design strategies possible.


  • Perfect aesthetic effect
  • A perfect replica of one's own natural
    tooth enamel can be prepared
  • No grey margin of gum
  • No metal allergy


  • Only solo crowns can be made
  • More vulnerable, because it has no frame
  • Not recommended for sportsmen
  • Shorter life span
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