Services - Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

PFMs are, to date, the most clinical successful restorations. With an incredible selection of alloys to select from the clinician usually prescribe a high gold alloy as traditionally it is associated with high quality workmanship. The truth is that the kind of metal doesn’t really matter; rather the application of the ceramic on the metal structure and the skill of the technician, make the case. An educated technician knows that the simple application of dentin and enamel alone are not enough. A really skilled technician will routinely use more than 10 different colors on each and every case. To achieve great results up to 16 different colors may be used. Vita porcelain is a high quality porcelain, but a high quality porcelain does not guarantee success. You also need a thorough understanding of the ceramic and how best to use it to achieve nature like crowns. Manufacturers of all the porcelain companies know that the trained technician needs different enamels, enamel effect ceramics, opalescent ceramics and a myriad of other effect colors to produce the most aesthetic restoration.

When PFMs are done the right way observing tooth morphology, shape and function, they are easily the most successfull restoration there is, as its long clinical history proves. Vitalab has been using Vita porcelain and popular high gold alloys for over 30 years. We have also had tremendous success with metals designed specifically for long span bridges like some of the ”noble steel” alloys; these alloys have been used very successfully in Europe. These metal alloys have superior bonding to ceramic and are more stable and far stronger than the softer high noble alloys allowing for better designs of metal substructures.

Education and keeping abreast with technology are key elements in a laboratory aimed at continued success.
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