Services - Veneers
Veneers can be fabricated using 3 different techniques:
  1. Refractory die technique
  2. Platinum foil technique
  3. Press technique

Refractory die technique

When using the refractory die technique very high aesthetics can be achieved by using feldspatic porcelains. It involves stratification techniques where internal color build up and layering of different layers of dentin, enamels and internal colors are placed by an experienced technician to achieve an excellent result. The technique is cumbersome and once the refractory material was removed no corrections can be made.

Platinum foil technique

This technique requires the use of a very thin layer of platinum foil to be folded over the prepared die. There is a specific way to fold the foil so it keeps its shape. Vitalab uses the Tanaka press to ensure the close adaptation of the foil to the die for accuracy. The stratification technique is the same as with the refractory die technique. Once the foil is removed no modifications that require additional firings can be made as this will distort the porcelain.

Press technique

The press technique is much more forgiving as far as changes are concerned. The technique requires a wax-up of the restoration and pressing with a monochromatic pressing material that usually has the desired basic shade. The veneer is then cut back labial/incisally and layered with porcelain. One of the biggest advantages is that very thin “no prep” veneers can be done with this technique using only opalescent or high translucent material. This technique allows for high aesthetics with the added advantage that alterations can be done at any time.

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