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Prettau Crowns & Bridges

4 Day In-Lab Turnaround!

Full Zirconia crowns & bridges

The Prettau solution! Exceptionally durability and 100% biocompatible.
Zirkonzahn has developed a very translucent material called Prettau Zirconia. It displays a high amount of translucency and is very attractive to use in 100% full-zirconia restorations. The biotechnical characteristics and natural white color allows individual coloring in prescribed dentin shades.
Lifetime guarantee against fractures.

When you need aesthetic posterior crowns or bridges and have minimal space occlusally, full Zirconium is the answer. With a flexural strength 3 to 4 times the next highest restorative material, there is nothing better than Zirkonzahn Prettau and Translucent material.

Prettau is simply a name given to a very high translucent zirconium by the founder Mr. Enrico Steger. (It is the name of a small village in the north of Italy)
NEW Full zirconium (Prettau) is highly aesthetic and a stronger more natural-looking alternative to full cast gold crowns or PFM’s with metal occlusal.

Posterior crowns or bridges. (Prettau zirconium)

Full zirconium is ideal for patients that fracture PFM crowns. Posterior crowns can also be cut back and layered for even better aesthetics. (Prettau is a higher aesthetic more translucent zirconium than even our translucent zirconium)

Anterior crowns or bridges. (Prettau zirconium)

The full zirconium crowns or bridges can also be cut back and layered facially or even finished as a full zirconium crown with great aesthetic results using the custom internal color penetration before sintering. When anterior crowns are susceptible to breakage with normal disclusion it can be cut back facially. With full lingual zirconium coverage there is ample support for lateral excursions.
The unstable gold market and high price of alloys make the Prettau solution a real alternative.
The accuracy and predictability of full zirconium (Prettau) make it easy to prescribe something aesthetic for your patients.

Product Description

The flexural strength is between 1200 to 1400 MPa (e-max = 300 - 400 MPa)
Zirconium doesn’t conduct temperature well so heating and especially cooling it slowly is very important. Prettau restorations should always be adjusted using a fine grit diamond, water and air spray in order to keep the restorations cool and to avoid micro-fractures.

Preparation Guide

  • Modified tapered shoulder preparation
  • 120" Chamfer prep
  • Even feather edge and bevels are reproduced to the finest marginal detail

Indications & Limitations

Indicated for all fixed or removable prostheses Contra indicated where vertical dimensions are minimal [Anterior crowns, Posterior crowns and long-span bridges.]

  • Ideal for complex implant cases where gingival tissue, abutments and crowns are indicated for strength and aesthetics.
  • Ideally suited for bruxers and grinders
  • Esthetic alternative to full-cast crowns
  • Even inlays and onlays, and anterior restorations can be done in full Prettau zirconium
  • Abutments and many more uses like attachments, etc.

Zirconium should never be cooled or heated too fast. Always use water when high speed alterations are carried out. When using Prettau (zirconium) with the solutions created by Zirkonzahn experts worldwide there is virtually nothing it can’t do.

Cementation Techniques

Phosphate or glass ionomer cement. Conventional cementation as the material cannot be etched.


Vitalab is proud to announce our Prettau zirconium work to be of high quality and free of defects and offer a lifetime guarantee against fractures - due to the quality materials used and skilled workmanship.

For lab tips, techniques and questions about burs or techniques for adjusting Zirconia call; Vitalab at 949 581 1850
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